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Off-Roading 101 at TrailCraft:
Bring your life-size Tonka

Photo by Drew Crowley

My truck might have been in 4-low, but my mind was racing, adrenaline bangin’ off the rev limiter like a rally car flat over crest. Against my better judgment, my left foot slowly released the brake of my near-antique Xterra and it rolled closer to a 10-foot drop into an adult playground they called a Four-Wheel Drive Park. This ‘park’ I thought was going to be like a Range Rover dealership with a little hill and a couple of rocks so rich people could test to make sure their statement Rovers could make it over the speed-bumps in the parking lot at Crate & Barrel. No. This park wasn’t in the shadow of a Whole Foods. It was in the shadow of the White Mountains – and I was headed straight down.


Welcome to TrailCraft.


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NEFR 2017

Sweet Champagne...

Hard to believe, almost six months later, that this actually happened. Slapdash Racing got a great view from the podium after some killer co-driving and late nights from the crew. Couldn't have done it without Bill Doyle, Teo Ebratt, and the father and son team of Erik and Sulo Burbank.

2nd in Class, first podium for Slapdash --
Slapdash Racing on the podium with champagne spray.

A little meditation goes a long way in rally. Slow down to go fast. A must for any stage rally enthusiast.

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You saw the movie,
now get the t-shirt!

Only 15 clams!

These wicked cool Slapdash Racing Ts will get you up close and personal to the car during pre-race activities. Plenty of sizes and quantities available. Just click that little BUY NOW button below to get started!

Become a Slapdasher

Slapdash Racing is a rag-tag group of ne'er-do-wells who enjoy racing rally cars, particularly through the woods at Ludicrous Speed.


Becoming a Slapdasher can be as easy as writing a check, making a PayPal donation, or as hard as custom fabricating go-fast bits to help this project get on the line. Then, there's everything in between. Whether it's advertising and word-of-mouth good cheer you need to promote your business, or you want to get your hands grimey and cut up, Slapdash Racing has a place for you.

For more information on how you can become a part of the project and thus a true Slapdasher, drop us a line at


To donate piles of cash instead, simply click on the "Donate" button, donate what you can, then send along the vinyl so we can slap it on the car.

UUC is a partial sponsor for Slapdash Racing's E30 BMW rally car.
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Other Needs

Rally racing is expensive. In crazy ways. Our operation particularly needs:


- Complete clutch kit


- Hella auxiliary lights

- Hard labor

- Crew

- Piles of cash

- Dancing girls

- The E30 Designer. The actual guy.


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