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  • Kris Gove

Slapdash Racing back in action

Finally, after almost two years of un-rally activity, Slapdash Racing is back on the throttle! The car melted out of the glacier and it started on the first pull after more than seven months of not running (we primed it first). Now, we're getting ready for the Team O'Neil / SCCA Rally Sprint up in the White Mountains.

E30 BMW buried in snow

First step, put air in them damn tires! Then, replace the blown struts, still leaking from the New England Forest Rally of ought '13 (we finished though!). Replace front sway with fancy UUC bits (tell them Kris from Slapdash and Bill from Cage This sent you!). Then replace shifter with UUC short throw, with DSSR (whatever that means). Then the clutch, then a little body work, ahh, the list goes on!

Bottom Line: We're back!

#E30 #BMW #TeamONeil #SCCA #rally #rallysprint

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