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  • Kris Gove

Shirt up, Slapdash style

Slapdash Racing World Headquarters might sound impressive. But the dang truth is this: Despite our world-renown rally reputation, we are a small operation, based out of a too-small, one-car garage. We have witnesses to the (lack of) size of this thing. It's even too small for our service rig, the Miata.

Nonetheless, we try to keep our overhead low (pun intended). Even still, sometimes we need gas money. Like right now. What's the quickest way to get rally car gas money? Sell wicked cool t-shirts, of course. So here there are. Buy one. It'll make you a better person. Really.

Slapdash Racing t-shirts for sale for fundraising

#E30 #BMW #rally #tshirt #fundraiser #gasmoney

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