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  • Kris Gove

POV Bobblehead: Rally cah, no suspensh, Krazy Ivan be damned

I know Gove is too much of a wussbag to take the car out without it being inspected yet and the like, but for f*ck's sake, we've got a rallyschprint in less than three weeks and someone's gotta shake this f*cker down, y'know.

Now I have balls the size of a 1980s secret nuclear submarine, but Sweet Kremlin, the movin' and shakin' on this vessel, with a blown strut and no mounted sway bars, makes for an interesting jaunt. When I ordered 'full schpeed ahead' the dual exhaust trumpets sounded the business, but Krist, I thought that thing was gonna Krazy Ivan left, when I ordered right!

I just went around the Polijarny Inlet, but clearly, me bow planes were out of whack. Per'aps this schweekend, we'll have a closcher look under the hull and see what might the mat-ter. Aye.

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