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  • Kris Gove

E30 back on the street, rockin' the Antiques

Fought with the car all day today in preparation for the Team O'Neil Sprint this Saturday. Drove the car for the first time really in two years for a mini street-side shakedown just to see what would fall off.

Nothing fell off, but there was some serious banging, clanging and the like and by the time I got back to Slapdash Racing World Headquarters, I lost the electric fan. After a few fruitless searches, I finally found the culprit; a big, molten plasticy goo of a mess of fried wires and toasted relays.

Antique Plates.jpg

Wiry Mess.jpg

Some of the bang came from a loose shock mount, some came from motor mounts that were barely bolted to the block. And I mean barely! Another big bang was coming from just behind my seat, and sure enough some support bit we pulled off in September to swap slave cylinders was not supporting anything, just smashing around behind me.

So all that's taken care of now. Finally got the skid plate back on, mounted the smokin' hot rally tires, but there's less burny smells coming from under the hood. Overall, a tough, but good day.

Even got the slick Antique plates for this classy chassis!

Three days to go!

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