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  • Kris Gove

TO/SCCA RallySprint 6th in class!

Last weekend at the Team O'Neil Rally School / SCCA RallySprint was a blast!

Despite a near 'off' and random driveability issues on Stage 4, the Slapdash E30 performed very well after its longer winter's nap. Blowing the cobwebs out of the car (and the driver) proved a slightly challenging with monkeying around with sway bar settings and tire pressures, but generally everything went pretty well.

Now I feel like I have to come clean about those aforementioned 'driveability issues'. Late on Stage 4, after a particularly large bump, the car would rev, then die, rev, then die, sputter, then come back to life. The dash lights went berserk and I felt like I was gonna yack all over my freshly cleaned windshield. After all this, which caused our only time loss for that stage (we otherwise hastened our time with each progressive stage), the car started running somewhat normal again for the roll back down to service.

As I turned around to back into our bay, the Mother Slapper just died on me. Quit. Kaput. Done.

Since I never figured out the battery drain problem from the week leading up to the event, either Bill or I would pull the negative batt cable to preserve starting power between stages. Well, when I opened the trunk to do that, what did I notice? Not the neg batt cable, but the positive side was flopped off the post.

How did that happen? Well, some knucklehead forgot to tighten the damn thing while he chased the battery drain issue last week.

Unfortunately, that knucklehead was me!

So all and all, we had a great time. Met some new BMW enthusiasts and reconnected with other rally types.

Can't wait for NEFR!

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