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  • Kris Gove

Large yellings outward to the boys at Banchwerks

Shouts and accolades go out to the boys at Banchwerks for the assistance in helping me install a new short shifter and DSSR last night at their primo shop in PVD. Now the only slop left is from Penny the Shop Dog.

Penny the Banchwerks Shop Dog

The last big air that the Slapdash BMW saw was at Black River Stages in 2013, until last night at Banch when the car went up on the lift to add in some much-needed anti-sloppy shifter bits. Now the car's shifter feels like, or closer to, brace yourselves now, a Miata.

You heard me.

After I showered in grease and dried mud from five rallies ago, I drove the car home on my squishy gravels and it felt like a brand-new car. Y'know, except for all that straight-piped madness. My, how it echoes off the city buildings!

Thanks again to Jesse Whitsell, Jason Pallak, Smitty, Dave Baker and some ne'er-do-well they call Tall Tim.

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