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  • Kris Gove

Dan Downey slides into the Silly Seat for NEFR 2015

Fellow E30 rally enthusiast (a rare bird) Dan Downey has agreed to co-pilot the Slapdash Racing BMW for the 2015 New England Forest Rally, in next week's 25th Anniversary event.

While it's his first time co-driving, Dan is no stranger to rally. He began wrestling moose and fending off bear attacks while volunteering at the 2010 NEFR and has been volunteering and rallycrossing his own E30 ever since.

Dan is some weird computer guy by day, but by night and weekend, he uses his powers for good by being a self-taught mechanic, with a penchant for classic German cars that have no business being in the dirt.

Slapdash Racing is happy to have Dan on the Team!

Dan Downey RallyX E30.jpg

Photo: Courtesy DaggerSlade Media Copyright 2015

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