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  • Kris Gove

Mmmm... fresh parts

Yes sir, there's nothing quite like the smell of fresh, new parts. This just in from the fellas at eEuroparts:

  • Bosch front rotors

  • EBC Yellowstuff front pads

  • EBC Yellowstuff rear pads

Add the rear discs I've been sitting on for a while and the brand-new stainless hoses I've also been nesting on, come next season, I'll have a full, fancy set of stoppers for the rally car. Seems simple, perhaps, but this is the first time ever that I've had any NEW brake parts on the race cah. Up until now, it's been used parts pilfered from random E30 parts cars that I've surgically dismembered since I started stage rallying in 2011.

Since I've only ever used stock pads, I'm looking forward to a little grippiness come Spring (and Spring, please come soon!) and am looking forward to the Yellow Stuff (whatever the heck that is).

EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads and Bosch rotors

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