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  • Kris Gove

Cracked wheel? What? Where? Didn't notice...

D-Force wheels from Bavarian Autosport kick so much ass that even when they break -- after five full-on stage rallies -- they keep on racing.

Made this discovery recently when changing over the rally tires and wheels for the AutoX/Winter beaters. Now this definitely happened at the New England Forest Rally in 2015, but what remains a mystery is when. Could have been the first stage -- or the last. We finished at full speed under our own power, with NO flats.

Checked the tire pressure on this little number, which came off the right rear, and it matched the other five (we run two spares). So we beat the bejeezuz out of the this thing, broke it, and it didn't even matter!

D-Force + D-Mack = NEFR Finish. No small feat in a rally colloquially known as 'the car breaker'.

And just for reference, this represents approximately 2,500 miles of drive time, with about 500 of those hot on some of the rockiest surfaces known to man this side of the moon -- Maine logging roads with uneven, sharp rocks, New Hampshire goat paths with babyheads that surface out of nowhere and upstate New York (BRS) with its own set of lumpy, twisty jumps.

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