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  • Kris Gove

Hello Gorgeous

E30 rally car trying to hide

You're hiding again. Back there behind the Brady Bunch camper. Beside the garage that you should be in right now. Behind the recycling bin. Under a fine coating of late-breaking pollen. We can see you... we can see you.

Like the dog that hides because he knows he's going to the vet, the BMW has managed to hide itself as much as possible from impending hurt. Can't say I blame him. Not only is it going to undergo surgery this weekend, in only a few short weeks, it's going to get beaten up -- again -- at the New England Forest Rally, 2016 edition.

Poor thing. It tries to hide every time. It's OK though. We'll give him treats, like fresh truck oil, new bouncy bits and a fancy clutch, among other things. We might even give him a bath.

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