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  • Kris Gove

Give the People what they want...

Back by popular demand...

Sally, a 2002 Xterra, has seen a number of troubles -- none of them, her fault. I bought this rig from a friend, who had crashed her during a texting-whilst-driving event. After his off, I bought her, fixed up the whole right front, then promptly crashed her again, this time on the left, after some failed snow-time maneuvers.

So then, after I spent all the money on the first fix, I didn't have anything left. So I rally stitched the bumper cover back together and there were so many stitches, that the truck looked like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. So there you go.

Long story longer, I had yet another snow-related event, this one much less severe. I pulled too far into a snowbank and when I backed out, off came part of the bumper cover. When I realized it though, it was too late. The cover was long gone.

My state inspection guy hassled me on it (but passed me anyway) because he said people, especially kids, could walk by it and cut themselves because the raggedy-jaggedy bumper protruded out from the body panels like rusty guillotines.

Fair enough, I thought. Fair enough. So since my money was still gone, I took his concerns to heart and bent back in those jagged bumper ends and as a tongue-n-cheek safety measure, I slapped on that reflective DOT/Construction Truck tape I had laying around.

This seemed to be a hit at rallies and other motoring events so much so that several people have asked about it and asked me to reinstall the tape as an homage to the original bumper.

So, people. Here it is.

You're welcome.

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